Partner plans

Growth Plan

For financial planning business managers who want to grow.

Growing an advisory business while providing first class financial planning advice and wealth management for clients is a tough balancing act. Pick the elements that match your needs best from a growth plan that can  combine access to the capital you will need with the support resources to implement your plan efficiently, all the while enhancing the service you offer clients. 

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Transition Plan

For financial planning business owners who want to maximise the value of their business prior to a potential sale. 

Making the most out of the business you have built is the key to getting the best price for it at the point at which you want to pass it on, but also making sure your clients have the best possible experience. Our transition plan combines a pre-agreed buyout formula with growth capital and a range of services you choose with a timetable and outcome that you determine.

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Succession Plan

For financial planning business owners looking to sell who want full value for the business they’ve built and a smooth succession that ensures their clients are well looked after.

Deciding the best route to pass on your business requires careful planning to get it in the best possible state to command the optimal price from a buyer. We will work with you to create a road map that gives you certainty in advance about the price you’ll receive and is also structured so that, if we are the buyer, the more we pay you, the happier we are. Our succession plan is also an effective way to be sure your team will be well looked after and your clients will continue to enjoy the high standards of service you have always provided. It is a bespoke process, so you can make it work in the way that’s best for your business and your clients.

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