Reducing your tax burden

Structuring your wealth and taking income should be approached in a sophisticated way…

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The more tax you pay, the harder your investments have to work to grow your wealth effectively. We’ll help you make the most of the reliefs available to you so you can grow your wealth faster and reduce your overall tax burden.

Effective tax planning is not just about saving money today though, it’s also about planning for tomorrow. Our tax system is challenging to navigate and making use of various allowances and tax vehicles in combination is key. A comprehensive financial strategy may call upon pensions, ISAs, general investment accounts, offshore bonds and other vehicles to ensure you can access your capital in as tax efficient a way as possible.

Optimising your tax position, alongside an effective investment strategy, is vital for making the most of your wealth at almost all stages of life.

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If your assets are structured effectively, you may be able to draw a high level of income from your wealth but remain a basic rate taxpayer by making use of allowances such as:

  • Tax free cash
  • Personal allowance
  • Capital gains tax allowance
  • Dividend allowance
  • 5% tax deferred allowance
  • Interest allowance

Do you use them all?

Tax burden diagram

Do you use them all?

Tax burden diagram

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Tax advantages and the way benefits are taxed may change to your benefit or detriment as a result of legislation change. This can happen without notice and can be retrospective.
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