Passing on your wealth

Estate planning isn’t as simple as just having a Will in place…

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We’ll work closely with you to understand how effective estate planning, which has emotional as well as financial consequences, can impact your wealth.

Importantly, before providing advice on inheritance tax planning, we’ll help you determine the level of wealth you’ll require to meet your own needs. This will ensure you can then gift with confidence and that you’ll have a clear understanding of what might be left over.

There are many approaches to giving money away. You may want to maintain control of your money for a period, consider the implications for different family members or want the money to be used for a particular purpose. Your personal views will inform the best route to take whether this be in the form of regular gifting, establishing a trust whilst you are alive, or protecting against an inheritance tax liability on your estate.

Whatever your objectives may be, we’ll develop a plan to help meet your requirements.

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Our team will help guide you through the options available so you can make the right financial decisions for you and your family.

They’ll provide advice on areas such as:

  • How much you can comfortably give away
  • The nil rate band
  • The residence nil rate band
  • Expression of wishes
  • Spousal exemptions
  • Charitable gifting
  • Discretionary Trusts
  • Using life policies to cover an inheritance tax bill

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Tax advantages and the way benefits are taxed may change to your benefit or detriment as a result of legislation change. This can happen without notice and can be retrospective.