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Why Saltus?

Our mission is to improve everyone’s relationship with their wealth: to make it a positive force for their future…

At Saltus, we provide a range of wealth management services to individuals and institutions. Our financial planners will support you in the complexities of pensions and tax planning, while our investment management team can provide institutional calibre fund management in order to achieve optimal risk adjusted returns.


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Preparing for retirement
09 June 2022

In conversation with Jack Munday and Jordan Gillies

Jack Munday
Jordan Gillies
Active vs Passive investing – is passive better than active management
11 June 2021

In conversation with Michael Stimpson and Jordan Gillies

Michael Stimpson
Jordan Gillies
How much do you need to retire and more…
How much do you need to retire and more… How much income do you need to be comfortable, how much do you need invested and how to pay less tax...
How to avoid the 60% tax trap and more…
How to avoid the 60% tax trap and more… Did you know that people earning over £100,000 can pay a effective tax rate of 60%?

How can our wealth management services help you?

Financial planning isn’t just about number crunching…

it’s about working closely with you to determine what you want from life and how your finances can achieve it. Our planners work in partnership with our clients to help them understand how to make the most out of their money, reduce their tax burden and avoid any pitfalls along the way. Once we’ve created your bespoke financial plan together, we then recommend an investment solution to deliver it. This can be from the wider market or provided by our award-winning investment business.

We provide holistic wealth management services to our clients so we also source insurance when needed and can deploy any tax wrapper that’s required on our own in-house platform.

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Our asset management business brings decades of investment management expertise to the table…

with particular experience in private equity and alternative investment strategies. The team offers a high calibre institutional service and also provides a unique opportunity for private clients to access an investment style that is typically unavailable in the UK marketplace.

The investment team control risk explicitly and look to generate risk adjusted returns that are primarily down to the skill of the managers they select.  It’s an award-winning approach that is designed to first and foremost achieve our clients’ objectives.

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