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We are delighted to tell you that Forrester-Hyde has merged with Saltus.

Over the past five years there have been three key areas of focus for us as a business: looking at the platforms that we use to hold client assets; adopting a platform that could give our clients a real time view of their assets; and enhancing our investment offering.

After discussing our challenges and future plans with Saltus, it became evident that an alliance of some sort between our businesses would deliver the benefits and improvements we desired for our clients at Forrester-Hyde. Saltus, like us, are Chartered and Independent Financial Planners. They use the Multrees platform, which as it happens would have been our preferred option, as it enables much of the platform experience to be undertaken in house by our team, rather than a third party. Saltus have also developed an excellent client facing app, that enables you keep up to date with your wealth. And finally, Saltus’ pedigree as a discretionary fund management house, we believe, will add significant value to our clients, thus also freeing up our advisory team to concentrate solely on all aspects of your financial planning.

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A little bit about Saltus…

Saltus was founded in 2004 and our new combined entity will employ over 200 people and have over £4bn in assets under management. Saltus is an independent, award-winning financial planning and investment management company, working with private clients, trustees, solicitors, accountants and financial advisers.