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Thank you for completing your application pack!

We are delighted you have decided to move your plans to the Saltus Platform and thank you for returning the application pack so promptly to us.  At this stage I would like to provide a little more insight into what happens next. 

Instructing your existing provider

Now you have returned your application pack, we will instruct Brown Shipley to let them know that you are transferring your plans.

Transfers typically take a number of weeks to organise, so we will keep in touch should there be a delay or something unexpected happens.

During this period, you might receive correspondence referring to either Multrees or Barnett Waddingham. Don’t be alarmed or surprised if you see these names crop up as they provide two vital components for the Saltus Platform.

Multrees Investment Services Ltd are the underlying custodian for the Saltus Platform. Saltus, like many high net-worth wealth managers, think it’s best practice to use a specialist third-party provider with global expertise to be the registered keeper of your investments.

Barnett Waddingham is a large specialist pension provider who we believe are among the best in the UK. They sit behind the scenes and power the Saltus SIPP.

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Accessing the Saltus Portal

Once your new Saltus Platform account is open, we will provide you with on-line access to the Saltus Portal. In the Documents section you will find:

  1. Terms & Conditions for the Saltus Platform and your new plans
  2. If you are moving a SIPP, Saltus SIPP Illustration and Application Playback (if applicable)

You will not see detailed plan information or asset valuations while your transfers are “in flight” from your existing provider. Please note this can take up to 12 working days (from the date that money is sent from your ceding scheme), however it will typically take 3-5 days.

However, we will be monitoring these closely so that once those transferred funds arrive at Saltus, you will receive a confirmation email from Saltus titled “Safe receipt of funds”, and the plan information will then update and display on the Saltus Portal in the following days.

If you are moving a SIPP, in addition, Saltus will provide an Expression of Wishes form that will allow you to nominate beneficiaries for your Saltus SIPP. Please look out for an email with a DocuSign link to complete and return to Saltus directly.

You will hear from us over the coming weeks as your transfers progress. In the meantime, if you have any remaining questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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