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How can Saltus help?

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How can Saltus help?

Saltus Financial Planning is a ‘Chartered’ financial planning firm. It is a recognition provided to only a small number of firms that are at the forefront of our profession.

Achieving Chartered status means that we have met the highest standards for technical competence in the advice we provide to clients. It also demonstrates our dedication to continued professional development and shows that our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

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We are specialists in retirement planning and have been helping our clients plan for retirement for almost 20 years.  Not only do we have an award-winning team of advisers that are experts in cash flow modelling, but we also have some of the country’s foremost pension experts on the team. 

We create a financial road map for our clients. Prior to investing, we can provide a clear recommendation on areas such as how much you need to save towards retirement, how much income you can take from your investments during retirement, how to minimise your tax burden and what return your investments need to generate to deliver on your plan. 

As an independent financial planning firm, we are able to provide objective advice that is aligned with your best interests. We can offer the best of both worlds, either selecting from in-house investment strategies managed by Saltus Asset Management or from an alternative provider, depending on your objectives.

The Saltus Asset Management team have a long track record of producing superior risk-adjusted returns. This has been in part due to consistently identifying managers who outperform their benchmarks.

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You’ll be working with a highly qualified financial planner to build and monitor your retirement plan. They have everything at their fingertips to provide what you might need to support your financial journey:

  • Award-winning and industry leading investment solutions.
  • Our own in-house platform and proprietary app so you can view all your financial information and performance at the touch of a button. 
  • Our own Saltus pension wrapper and the ability to provide any other tax-wrappers you require.
  • Insurance solutions to ensure your family are looked after should the worst happen. 

Our financial planning services can help you achieve your goals in life, whether it’s planning for retirement, consolidating your assets or investing your money…

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