Why Saltus?

Our mission is to improve everyone’s relationship with their wealth: to make it a positive force for their future and at the same time to prevent it being a source of anxiety.

We started life as an investment management firm in 2004, to bring institutional calibre fund management to UK private clients. Yet, over the years, we realised that providing high-quality investment management is just one of the ways we can help clients achieve their aspirations. Saltus Financial Planning was launched in 2015, with the aim of being an industry leader in providing financial advice, so our clients can rest assured their money is being looked after by experts.

For you, our client, a trusting relationship with your Saltus team, and the knowledge that you are in award-winning hands, gives you the space to make the most of the rest of your life. We understand your life goals and help you take the necessary steps to achieve them.

We want everyone who works at Saltus to be proud to work here, and to derive fulfilment and meaning from their work. Whenever we ask our teams about what brings them the greatest job satisfaction, they tell us about the times they have helped a client realise their dreams. We think that’s pretty amazing.


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“Saltus showed me how I could retire early – it was an empowering experience”

Moneyage 2021 finance award

“They have brought organisation and intelligence to my investments… Thank you”

PAM Awards 2020 – Finalist Investment Performance Cautious Portfolios

“‘Good Service’ is thrown around but they really know how to do it properly”

UKBA'21 UK Business Awards Gold Award Winner logo

“Their unique approach to looking after money consistently delivers and their client service is exceptional”

PAM Awards 2019 – Finalist Investment Performance Defensive Portfolios

“Saltus have taken a radical approach to informing their clients. I’ve loved experiencing this change and now have even more faith in how they look after my money”

PAM Awards 2019 – Winner Investment Performance Cautious Portfolios

"My adviser consistently goes above and beyond to meet my needs"

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