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Environmental, Social and Governance

Saltus Asset Management believes in responsible investing and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are assessed in every investment they make…


Responsible investing is a way of integrating Environmental, Social and Governance factors when constructing portfolios.

This involves both considering ESG issues prior to making an investment decision, as well as encouraging third party managers to improve their ESG credentials. Effective stewardship and engagement ensures Saltus Asset Management use their influence as a positive force.

Responsible investing for Saltus means contributing to clients’ peace of mind, as their portfolios are managed not only to maximise risk adjusted returns, but to do so in a manner which contributes to sustainable benefits for the economy, the environment and society.

All Saltus active portfolios are managed in accordance with the UN Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and they have committed to being a carbon neutral business by 2025. Saltus report as part of the quarterly valuation on their engagement with managers. Should the ESG score not pass their threshold, they will not proceed with the proposed investment.

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Saltus assesses and ranks the following factors in an investment research note to determine an ESG score for each investment:

  • Beliefs – what does the manager personally believe, and how do they see their role within this context?
  • Process – is there a process which takes ESG into consideration? Is it firm wide, or specific to the fund manager? Is it explicit?
  • Risk – what benefits/limitations does the asset class provide with regards to sustainable investing?
  • Evidence/Statistics – is there any evidence that the manager’s ESG objectives are bringing about change?

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Investment management

We are unconstrained, multi-asset class investors with an award winning track record. The asset management team serves both institutions and individuals. This focus and experience means our UK private clients have access to superior investment solutions that are typically unavailable to retail clients.

Investment process

Our team of experts will partner with you to tailor a suitable investment mandate with an appropriate risk budget. Our Asset Allocation Committee shapes the core components of our investment portfolios before assigning capital to various asset classes through an allocation to third party managers.

Track record

We have a long track record of producing superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients. This is in part due to our ability to consistently identify third-party investment managers who outperform their benchmarks. We do this through a proprietary ‘Five Factor’ model designed to identify investment manager capability.

Environmental, Social and Governance

We believe in responsible investment management, and so assess Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are assessed prior to making any investment decision. We then continue to work closely with third party managers on an ongoing basis to improve their ESG performance.


Our expert investment management team has an established history of working in partnership with professional intermediaries. We help provide the support your clients may need and understand the requirements of each separate case prior to designing a suitable investment strategy.

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