In 2004 Simon Armstrong and Jon Macintosh took a leap –

  • to set up their own investment management company

  • to rethink some of the norms of the time

It resulted in these aims:

  • To bring the type of investment management to private clients that had only been available to very wealthy families and to invest alongside clients

  • To work within pre-determined risk limits so that more clients' money can be returned than they originally invested whatever the market conditions 

  • To invest globally, across many asset classes, unconstrained by industry benchmarks.  And as importantly, to choose not to invest in an asset class or investment strategy, if our analysis demonstrates there is no merit. 

  • To search the world to find the best investment specialists to invest/work with, many of whom are not usually accessible to UK investors 

  • To use plain English 

Following the credit crunch in 2008 these principles hold true today if not truer.  After all we can’t predict the weather but we can build an ark.